10 Float Tube Accessories

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

When you go on a float tube fishing adventure, there are certain accessories you need to make the trip more enjoyable and successful. This blog post will list 10 of the most essential float tube accessories people should take with them.

From fish finders to life jackets, we will cover everything you need to know about what accessories to bring with you. So, if you’re looking to have a fun and safe float tube fishing experience, make sure to read this post!

What Fishing Float Tube Accessories are Essential?

In general, to fish with a float tube, you’ll need kick fins, a rod, and some bait. The float tube fishing accessories listed in this article provide the fishing equipment that would be found on a bass boat in your hands. Tube accessories like tube rod holders, mountable fish finders, fishing containers, and a great wide-brim hat are just a few of the essential things to consider for your tube.

Top 10 Float Tube Accessories You Need

Float tube accessories are important for several reasons. They can help you stay safe, catch more fish, and have a more enjoyable experience overall. So, without further ado, here are the top float tube accessories you need to take with you on your next fishing adventure:

1. Life jacket

A life jacket is an essential piece of floatation equipment that every float tuber should have. It will keep you safe in case of an emergency and ensure that you float to the surface if you fall out of your tube.

The vest is made of lightweight polyethylene foam flotation with a tough coated polyester shell that makes it strong yet comfortable. Heavy-duty 1.5-inch wide webbing belts with quick-release buckles allow for an adjustable fit and simple fastening.

O'Neill Men's Superlite USCG Life Vest
  • USCG Approved Personal Flotation Device (Type III); Perfect For Wake Sports, Waterskiing, Tubing, And Swimming
  • Designed to fit snug for your safety. Minimal bulk design allows full mobility and easy on and off
  • Anatomically cut lightweight polyethylene foam flotation with durable coated polyester outer shell makes the vest strong yet soft and comfortable
  • Heavy-duty 1.5 inch wide webbing belts with quick release buckles allow for an adjustable fit and easy fastening
  • Size Up. When choosing a size, try one size larger for a more relaxed fit

2. Waders 

A good pair of waders is another essential accessory for float tubers. Waders will keep you dry and comfortable while you’re fishing, and they also provide some insulation against the cold water.

Because of the RUGGED nylon with two-layer upper cloth, the waders are 35% LIGHTER than conventional rubber waders. It fits into any backpack comfortably because to RUGGED nylon with two-ply upper fabric. When battling huge fish, you don’t feel tired at all!

TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader
  • 【Attention】Please Match the size selection to your Normal Shoe Size. If your Feet are Wide or you need to wear Thick Socks, please Choose ONE SIZE LARGER than usual.
  • 【Lightweight】The waders is 35% LIGHTER than traditional rubber waders due to RUGGED nylon with two-ply upper fabric, making it easily fit into any backpack. You hardly feel tired when fighting with big fish!
  • 【100% Waterproof】Nylon-reinforeced PVC upper with waterproof boot attachment and taped seams guarantee 100% waterproof reliability. Water Intrusion Resistance processing helps seal out water and dirt during long days on the water.

3. A Fish Finder

A fish finder is a great tool to have while float tubing, as it will help you locate fish that are hiding in the depths. Fish finders come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to get one that is compatible with your float tube.

The SONAR sound waves in FishTrax intelligent sonar enable it to detect depth, locate fish, and define bottom contour, composition, and structure. 10-level sensitivity control, multi-level depth ranges, and auto zoom bottom tracking increase prey detection; Sonar sensor side-scan adapter allows for sonar direction finding under bushes, docks, ice, and other obstacles (additional accessories are available).

HawkEye FishTrax 1X Portable Dot Matrix Fish Finder
  • FishTrax intelligent sonar uses SONAR sound waves to detect depth, locate fish, and define bottom contour, composition, and structure
  • Glare-free VirtuView dot matrix display on the LCD screen with LED backlight provides excellent readability
  • Sonar sensor is trollable, boat mountable, and floatable to achieve unmatched, go anywhere, portability
  • 10-level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges, and auto zoom bottom tracking intensifies prey targeting; Sonar sensor side-scan adapter allows sonar direction finding under weeds, docks, ice, and more (accessory sold separately). 

4. Rod Holder

A rod holder is a must-have accessory for any float tuber who wants to be able to fish hands-free. Rod holders can be mounted on the float tube itself or attached to the waders, and they allow you to keep your fishing rod in a safe and secure position.

With price taken into account, the Scotty Fishing Rod Holder For Float Tubes comfortably surpasses all expectations. This is a five-piece system that is strong and well-made. It does an excellent job of keeping the reel secure in a cushioned cradle. The mount clamps securely around the float tube, while the holder itself is firmly secured to the straps via Velcro closures.

Scotty Fly Rod Holder Float Tube Mount
  • Package length: 13.462 cm
  • Package width: 25.146 cm
  • Package height: 7.366 cm
  • Product Type: STORAGE RACK

5. Landing Net

A landing net is another useful accessory for float tubers, as it allows you to easily land fish that you’ve caught. Landing nets come in different sizes and styles, so make sure to get one that is suitable for the type of fishing you plan on doing.

The YVLEEN Folding Fishing Net is constructed of long-lasting nylon and includes a crack-resistant aluminum pole. The net is extremely light, weighing only 12 ounces. It’s made of durable material that makes it extremely buoyant, so you can fish in deeper waters and get more out of your day. It has a non-absorbent covering that keeps it from being heavy in the water, so it is lightweight even while in use. Sea, lake, river, and boat fishing are all possible with this net.

YVLEEN Folding Fishing Net
  • FISHING NET MATERIAL – Durable nylon and corrosion resistant aluminum pole handle resist bending and cracking
  • LANDING NET SPECIFICATION – Extend Length max: 30.7″ | Handle Length: 16″| Net Depth: 11.8″ |Length of side of the triangle Hoop: 16″
  • SPECIAL DESIGN – The landing net does not harm fish or scales for safe capture and release – waterproof and non-absorbent coating and will not be heavy. 

6. Storage bag or box

A storage bag or box is essential for float tubers who want to keep their belongings safe and dry while out on the water. Storage bags and boxes come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to choose one that will fit everything you need.

The backpack’s design helps you transport rods, soft plastics, lures, terminal tackle, and other fishing gear for a day on a buddy’s boat or a trek to a remote pond or river off the beaten path with minimum fuss. The bag also aids in the management of your tackle box. Fill it with your favorite lures or fishing equipment and store them in the side zippered pocket.

KastKing Day Tripper Fishing Backpack Tackle Bag
  • Rod & Tool Storage – Keep your hands free, double rod pockets offer a secure method to transport your rod or combo. Simply place the rod butt or the second section of a 2 piece rod in the pocket, then secure the rod with the integrated adjustable bungee loops. Integrated D-rings provide attachment points for tools or line cutters.
  • Tough and Water Resistant – The KastKing Day Tripper Tackle Bag is made from tough 420D rip-stop nylon material for exceptional long-term performance and reliability. A hydrophobic coating repels moisture from the outside and a PVC layer on the inside provides extra protection to ensure your tackle is protected from the elements.

7. Pump

A pump is another essential accessory for float tubers. Pumps are used to inflate the float tubes, and they come in both manual and electric varieties. Make sure to get a pump that is compatible with the float tubes you have.

Electric pump: The World of Watersports Inflatable Pump is a multipurpose pump that inflates float tubes, islands, airbeds, lounges, and other large inflatables with ease. It has a 2.0 PSI high-pressure pump that works at 120 volts and pumps 600 liters per minute. The product comes with inflation and deflation connections as well as a long reinforced flexible accordion hose design.

WOW World of Watersports Mega Max
  • Fast inflation universal pump, great for towable tubes, islands, airbeds, lounges, boats and other large inflatables
  • 2.0 PSI High pressure pump, 120 volt, 400 watt, 600 liter / minute
  • 12 foot power cord, 5 universal valve adapters
  • Inflation and deflation hookups, long reinforced flexible accordion hose design
  • One year warranty

Manual pump: Look for a double-action pump, such as the Texsport Double Action Hand Pump, when choosing a manual pump. A double-action pump pumps air with both the down and up strokes, allowing you to inflate your float tube twice as fast.

Texsport Double Action Hand Pump
  • Texsport double action hand pump, flexible, non kink hose, plastic
  • SELECT propellants that deliver consistent accuracy and performance
  • The product is manufactured in canada

8. Marine First Aid Kit

A float tube fishing adventure is not complete without a marine first aid kit. This includes items such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relief medication, and more. The primary distinction is that they’re resistant to water. Be sure to pack this ahead of time and keep it easily accessible in case of an emergency. 

This Marine Series Medical Kit – 1500 is a USCG-approved medical kit for your boat safety equipment for increased safety. The included medical guide has been written by medical doctors Weiss and Jacobs. Tourniquet, oral airways, sterile scalpel, and C-Splint are all professional tools that may be helpful in providing Open airways, stopping significant bleeds, setting fractures, and more. The pressure release valve on this high-impact case allows for pressure changes when needed. It is completely waterproof and includes a pressure release valve to accommodate changes in pressure.

Marine Series Medical Kit - 1500
  • US Coast Guard Approved: Add this USCG approved medical kit to your boat safety equipment so you’re prepared
  • Marine Medicine: Prepare for marine first aid emergencies with this detailed guide for providing emergency care while at sea, written by medical doctors Weiss and Jacobs
  • Professional Tools: Open airways, stop severe bleeds, set fractures, and more. This first aid kit contains professional tools including a tourniquet, oral airways, sterile scalpel, and C-Splint. 

9. Float Tube Thruster Fins

Float tube thruster fins are a float tube accessory that can be used to increase your speed, maneuverability, and thrust when float tubing. These fins attach to your feet and provide an extra level of power when you kick.

The FloatTube Fins by Classic Accessories are a great option for float tube thruster fins. They are made of durable materials and come in a variety of sizes to fit most float tubes. They’re built with strong materials and have an aerodynamic, streamlined design that keeps your kicks airtight. You’ll get a top-rated fin blade and adjustable fast-release straps that stay tight while in use.

Classic Accessories Float Tube Turbo Thruster Fins
  • Black and grey Turbo Thruster fins measure 22″L x 9. 5″W
  • Adjustable, quick-release heel strap stays secure during use
  • Slim profile vented fin blade adds turbo thrust to every kick
  • One size fits most
  • One-year limited lifetime warranty
  • Color: Black

10. Set of Oars

A set of oars is the final essential accessory for float tubers. Oars are used to propel the float tube through the water, and they come in both standard and folding varieties. Choose a set of oars that are comfortable and easy to use.

These Intex Boat Oars come in a pair of two 54″ oars. This is an easy assembly of 3 pieces. They also have retainer rings for oak locks and ribbed blades for durability and performance. These oars are TUV RL approved and great for boating or float tubing. With a sports type of outdoor lifestyle, these oars are perfect for your next float tube fishing adventure.

Intex Boat Oars for Intex Inflatable Boats
  • Two 54″ oars
  • Easy 3 piece assembly
  • Retainer rings for oar locks
  • Ribbed blades for durability and performance
  • Included components: 2 Oars. TUV RL approved
  • Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle


Float tube fishing can be a great experience if you have the right accessories. By following these tips, you will be sure to have a safe and enjoyable float tube fishing experience. So, don’t forget to pack these essential accessories before heading out on your next adventure! 

Thanks for reading and happy float tubing!

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