Cancellation Request Form

Your order is not cancelled until you receive a cancellation approval number. This is only a request form. If you cancel after 24 hours there will be fees, and possibly very large fees.

Certain orders can not be cancelled for any reason. Custom order items that are built to your specifications can not be cancelled. For instance, if you order an aluminum jon boat and add a built-in livewell, this is considered a custom order. Other custom orders, such as leather furniture with team logos, are built specifically per your request and can not be cancelled.

Once we receive the cancellation form we will check the status of your order and find out if the product has shipped or not. Sometimes factories are slow at responding to our request especially in season. They typically respond in 24 hours but can take as long as 3 business days to reply with status.

If the product has not shipped and we get a confirmation in writing from the factory it will only cost $25 for the cancellation.

If the product has shipped we will inform you of the possibility of returning the shipment and the costs associated with it.  The costs may be a 25-50% restocking fee for the item plus shipping to you and back plus the $25 cancellation fee. Some orders may not be canceled after they are shipped, such as outboard motors and inflatable boats, even if you bought it with a boat motor trailer package, the engine factories do not accept returns after the product leaves their plant.

Once you have agreed to any and all fees, we will submit a cancellation request in writing to the factory. Receiving confirmation may take up to 3 days. After we receive the confirmation from the factory in writing that they have cancelled your order, we will issue a refund to you minus the fees that were involved. You will receive a cancellation approval number confirming the fact that your order is officially cancelled.

If you paid with a credit card, it will take 3-5 business days for the refund to show up on your statement even after you have been given the approval number from the accounting department. If you paid with a check, please allow 1-2 weeks for a check to be issued.

Phone cancellation requests will not be accepted.

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